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Guide Sustainable Milan

With our eco-friendly mission, Starhotels E.C.HO. can provide tips not only on traditional Milanese cultural and shopping itineraries but a full range of 100% green services and activities, including organic restaurants, sustainable shopping, and green activities for kids.


L'Orto Italiano offers selected fruits and vegetables and maximum attention to suppliers: both in terms of raw material, organic and zero waste, and in terms of supply chain and distribution, designed to minimize environmental impact.
Corso Garibaldi, 125, Milan

Cascinet hosts Terra Chiama Milano, a set of environmental education projects featuring community gardens and environmental awareness paths. In the Parco Agricolo Nord, thanks also to the crowdfunding activity promoted by Wow Nature, the Food Forest is coming to life: a forest space where more than two thousand new tree and shrub plants have been planted, many of which produce edible fruits.
Via Cavriana, 38, Milan

One of Milan's longest-running plant-based restaurants: all food is organically cultivated, furniture is made from recycled materials, and all the supplies are 100% biodegradable bioplastic.
Via Spallanzani, 16 -- Piazza Buozzi, 5, Milan

Offers a daily menu based on seasonality and availability of ingredients, which therefore change constantly, and natural and artisanal wines.
Via Dolomiti, 1, Milan

Offers high-level cuisine both vegetarian and vegan and in addition, makes delivery in steel containers inspired by Indian lunch boxes, to be returned from time to time in order to avoid packaging-related waste.
Via Comune Antico, 15, Milan

Pays close attention to ingredients, seasonal and sourced from local producers, uses biodegradable packaging, micro-filtered water, and second-hand furniture.
Piazzale Principessa Clotilde, Milan

Good Blue offers a twist on this theme: the restaurant is furnished with recycled materials, the packaging is 100% biodegradable and the supply chain of products is strictly controlled, but this time it is not a plant-based menu, but fish-based, exclusively caught or sourced from farms certified as sustainable.
Via Volta 10, Milan

Bike delivery of dishes cooked in the morning by its chefs using strictly organic and local ingredients. Delivery only in Area C, Sarpi, Porta Nuova, Centrale, Porta Venezia, Dateo and Porta Romana.

A wine shop with a kitchen that offers a very wide variety of natural labels, uses only small producers and compostable packaging for delivery.
Via Gerolamo Turroni, 2, Milan

This lovely store near Corso Sempione sells comfortable, everyday knitwear for adults and children, knitwear created from high-quality materials such as merino wool, cashmere and mohair. Each Do Knit item is produced in Lombardy through a short supply chain and 100% Made in Italy. At Do Knit you can also buy yarns for your own creations and attend knitting classes.
Via Nerino, 8, Milan

Freitag is a Swiss company that creates backpacks and bags from truck tarps and recycled plastic bottles. Their products are comfortable, flexible, soft and all different from each other. Freitag is not only dedicated to the circular economy but the company itself is organized in a circular structure: in fact, in 2016 the company, also owned by the Freitag brothers, abolished the classic hierarchy and management positions to introduce a holacratic organizational model.
Viale Pasubio 8, Milan

Gioielleria Belloni's Ethical Jewels line is the first company in Italy to offer Fairmined Gold jewelry that is ethical and eco-sustainable. For ten years they have been creating rings, wedding bands, bracelets, earrings and chokers made with gold, diamonds and silver mined in certified Fairmined mines. Precious objects created respecting nature, the environment and the dignity of people
Via Lamarmora, 31, Milan

Dedicated to the planet that nature has entrusted to us as home. A guided tour accompanied by the storytelling of scientific guides and the most realistic Virtual Reality technology: each participant will be equipped with a VR visor, inside which Virtual Reality experiences will be activated to immerse themselves in space and time. A journey inside the Milan Civic Museum of Natural History that makes the experience even more incredible, spectacular, and immersive. A guided tour, by the didactics of the Museum of Natural History, from the birth of life to the appearance of man, to the theme of sustainability, to change people's perspective.
Corso Venezia, 55, Milan

STEP is a point of observation, a space that changes, reacts, and updates in real-time, detecting how much future there is in each of us. In STEP it is only 10 steps away, as many as the number of stages that make up the visit path, realized through dynamic installations, immersive spaces and multimedia screens.
Piazza Adriano Olivetti,1, Milan

Interesting site where you can find all the bike paths in Italy divided into different types.

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