The new Colosseum

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If you are in Rome for a few days and you are staying at the Michelangelo hotel, you are starting off on the right foot. 

Among the many art treasures and sights that you cannot absolutely miss in Rome is the Colosseum, that shines after recent restorations which brought back to life its original colors.

This imposing restoration plan was devised by Tod's, and especially by Diego Della Valle.

Thanks to this operation, this undisputed symbol of Italian culture, has rediscovered a splendour that had been lost for centuries.

The restoration project, that restored the original appearance of the northern and southern faces, including the construction of new gates, is not yet complete and calls for the creation of a service centre that will move the services that support visits that are currently inside the Colosseum to the outside, the restoration of the underground areas (hypogea) and the ambulatory, and finally the integration of the systems.

In certain periods of the year, visitors are allowed to descend into the Colosseum’s bowels and tour the tunnels. Book here!


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