Top Roman Trattorias

  • Sora Margherita

    Sora Margherita

  • Da Armando al Pantheon

    Da Armando al Pantheon

  • Matricianella


  • Hosteria da Pietro

    Hosteria da Pietro

  • Checco er Carettiere

    Checco er Carettiere

  • Trattoria da Augusto

    Trattoria da Augusto

  • Checchino dal 1887

    Checchino dal 1887

  • Da Bucatino

    Da Bucatino

These historic, family-run trattorias offer traditional dishes from the Roman cooking tradition, based on ingredients coming from farming and rural tradition.

Apicio by Eataly (via Principe Amedeo 3, Starhotels Metropole). Serves cuisine that melds the traditional and the contemporary, in which the finest of quality dictates the tone. 

Sora Margherita (Piazza delle Cinque Scole 39). On the menu, only dishes of the Roman (also Jewish) cooking tradition. 

Da Armando al Pantheon (Salita dé Crescenzi 31). On the menu, classic first dishes of roman tradition.

Matricianella (Via del Leone 4). The two brothers Giacomo and Grazia Lo Bianco have been managing this famous trattoria.

Hosteria da Pietro (Via di Gesù e Maria 18). It offers all the dishes of the Roman tradition, including an exquisite Vignarola (Roman Spring Vegetables).

Checco er Carettiere (Via Benedetta 10). Located in the Trastevere district, this trattoria/tavern was created by Checco in 1935.

Trattoria da Augusto (Piazza Dé Renzi 15). Simple environment, friendly atmosphere, and a quick service.

Checchino dal 1887 (Via di Monte Testaccio 30). A wide cellar in Mount dei Cocci, with over 400 Italian and French labels.

Sora Lella (Via di Ponte Quattro Capi 16). Roman actress and Chef  Elena Fabrizi, also known as Sora Lella, opened this trattoria on Tiber Island. 

Da Bucatino (Via Luca della Robbia 84). The cellar is home to over 300 wines, divided per region.


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