Capri in just one day

  • Capri


  • Panorama from Monte Solaro

    Panorama from Monte Solaro

  • The Faraglioni

    The Faraglioni

  • Piazzetta of Capri

    Piazzetta of Capri

  • Museum of Villa di San Michele

    Museum of Villa di San Michele

  • Casa Rossa Museum (Anacapri)

    Casa Rossa Museum (Anacapri)

  • Certosa of San Giacomo

    Certosa of San Giacomo

The island of Capri has always inspired spoets, artists and musicians and it keeps on attracting tourists from all over the world.

If you have just a day to visit this gem of the Gulf of Naples, the following tour is exactly what you need!

Start off your day trip in Piazza Vittoria. Take the chair lift to Mount Solaro. After having admired the amazing view from the highest point of the island, walk down to the Eremo of Cetrella.

Then visit the Villa San Michele, built on request of phisician and writer Axel Munthe, which houses a collection of precious antiques from Roman times as well as a garden with typical plants of the Mediterranean flora.

Another place you should absolutely see is the famous Piazzetta of Capri, where you can stop and enjoy a pleasant break.

From the Piazzetta walk through Via Camerelle, the famous shopping road in Capri, and then take Via Targara to the panoramic viewpoint overlooking the Faraglioni.

Another prominent attraction is the Casa Rossa (in the nearby town of Anacapri), which used to be the house of British colonel J. C. Mackowen. A few steps from there you will see the Church of San Michele and the Church of Santa Sofia.

Finally, the last stops of this tour: the Certosa of San Giacomo and its adjacent museum and rooms dedicated to German painter Karl Wilhelm Diefenbach.

The archeological excavations and the amazingly beautiful Villa Jovis and Villa Damecuta, built upon will of Emperor Tiberius

We suggest you conclude your tour at Paolino (11, Via Palazzo a Mare), maybe the most famous restaurant of all in Capri. Its ‘Bomba’ will be really refreshing, expecially after this long walk amid the wonders of Capri.


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