Saronno Museums

  • Collezione Museo Gianetti

    Collezione Museo Gianetti

  • Grand Milan - Saronno Museums - photo 2

  • Grand Milan - Saronno Museums - photo 3

If you’re planning to go for a one-day tour of the city, we strongly recommend a visit to two beautiful museums

Gianetti Museum

Exhibition space, documentation and research center in the field of visual and plastic arts, this house-museum showcases the eighteenth-century collection of ceramics gathered by Giuseppe Gianetti,  as well as vintage furniture and paintings. Since the 1990s, the Gianetti Museum has been displaying ceramic artwork  donated by major contemporary artists in a new section devoted to Twentieth-Century and Contemporary Art.  

Museum of Industry and Labour

The museum highlights the importance of industry and labour in the Saronno area and is located nearby the train station. The outdoor exhibition spaces showcase vintage train cars. Among the pieces on show are an Art-Nouveau station canopy, a vintage carriage with red velvet interiors, the first electric railway engine dating back to 1928 and one of the first electric locomotives of 1929 which, along with the cab car, represents the first two-way train.





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