Kids Time!

  • Civic Aquarium

    Civic Aquarium

  • Sforzesco Castle

    Sforzesco Castle

  • Sottomarino Toti

    Sottomarino Toti

  • Wow Spazio Fumetto

    Wow Spazio Fumetto

Travel with the entire family thanks to Starhotels’ Family Program and the kids stay free!

Civic Aquarium

Milan’s Acquario Civico brings a bit of sea to the middle of the city. It’s a magical place for kids, who can see fish with their own eyes and go through an underwater tunnel imagining that they are fish too or adventurous explorers.

Information and reservation

Viale Gadio, 2 

T: +39 +39

Castle Sforzesco - Sforzinda

Sforzinda is a permanent recreation and meeting space, designed for kids from 4 to 11, in the Castle’s basement. It offers various activities centring on knowledge of the Castle Sforzesco, to educate children in beauty and art. 

Information and reservation

Piazza Castello

T: +39 02 88463700

Visit to the submarine TOTI

If you’re over 3, you can go aboard the submarine TOTI for an immersion in the fascinating undersea world, complete with periscope, sonar and watertight compartments. 

Information and reservation

Via San Vittore, 21 

T: +39 02 48 555 330

WOW Cartoon Space

This is a melting pot of cartoons and cinema, the worlds of animated drawings and popular literature, music and games.

Information and reservation

Viale Campania, 12 

T: 02 49524744 – 02 49524745






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