The Castelli Romani

  • Grottaferrata


  • Ariccia


  • Castel Gandolfo

    Castel Gandolfo

  • Palazzo Papale a Castel Gandolfo

    Palazzo Papale a Castel Gandolfo

  • 'Lo Spuntino', Grottaferrata

    'Lo Spuntino', Grottaferrata

Castelli Romani brings to mind excursions outside of the city to discover historic villas surrounded by nature along with delicious food to be enjoyed in the fraschette (typical local taverns) and pubs in hidden villages.

Here are the itinerary not to be missed, signed by Starhotels Metropole!

Frascati. This town is dominated by the 16th century Villa Aldobrandini that towers above one of its main squares.

There are two excellent restaurants, the Zarazà and Cacciani that offer typical Roman cuisine, respecting the growing seasons and using absolute quality, zero kilometre goods.

Visit the Jesuit church and the Cathedral of Saint Peter the Apostle.

Grottaferrata. Surrounded by 15th century walls, it is mainly known for the Abbey of Saint Mary and still celebrates the Greek Byzantine Rite.

For a good meal, stop at Taverno dello Spuntino and L’Oste della Bon'Ora.

Nemi. This picturesque village, you can admire Palazzo Ruspoli. It was built in medieval times, by the Counts of Tuscolum.

Take a pleasant walk down Corso Vittorio Emanuele and taste some of the strawberries cultivated in the area and used to make fantastic desserts.

Ariccia. Is located along the Appian Way, halfway between Albano Lake and Nemi. Ariccia is known for its great seventeenth century works by Baroque genius Gian Lorenzo Bernini who built Piazza della Corte where the Palazzo Chigi and the monumental Church of the Assunta.

Castel Gandolfo. Is known as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Lake Albano, peeps around the street corners, creating truly picturesque scenery.

The Pontifical Palace in the main square has been the Pope's summer residence since 1600. 

When the season allows, take a nice dip in the lake and stop at one of the many restaurants in town. Two of the best are the Antico Ristorante Pagnanelli and the Grottino.


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