Best artisan shops in Milan

  • Luisa Beccaria

    Luisa Beccaria

  • Sartoria A. Caraceni

    Sartoria A. Caraceni

  • Sartoria Siniscalchi

    Sartoria Siniscalchi

  • Raffaella Curiel

    Raffaella Curiel

  • Carlo Zini

    Carlo Zini

The most cosmopolitan of Italian cities, the capital of fashionstyle and design, has a heart of artisan shops and one-of-a-kind dream creations.

At 23 Via MontenapoleoneBuccellati is an elegant shop started in 1919. They go on pursuing the sophisticated goldsmith’s art, which combines the use of centuries-old tools and techniques and modern technology.

Creative and cultivated, Carlo Zini is one of Milano’s best-known costume jewelry designers. The shop-workshop in the Navigli area offers handmade pieces by using the traditional lost wax casting process. 

Stivaleria Savoia. This historic shop was opened in Milan in 1925 by the Ballini family, heirs of the experience of master shoemakers who made boots for the Savoy regiment of the nearby barracks. 

Sartoria A.Caraceni. Heir to a tradition handed down from generation to generation since the mid-nineteenth century, Carlo Andreacchio, with his wife Rita Maria Caraceni, continues to create splendid men's suits.

Entering the Maison Siniscalchi Camicie su Misura, you will not find ready-made shirts or collections, but everything needed to make shirts and other textiles of the highest craftsmanship.

Raffaella Curiel, ambassadress of Italian fashion. Her sophisticated clothes are made in the traditional way, with the highest quality fabrics and exclusive designs.

Luisa Beccaria’s style is unmistakable: neoromantic, fabrics as light as clouds, silk, voile, chiffon, organza in pastel tones. Her headquarters is a huge loft dating from the fifties in the heart of the Brera neighborhood.








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