Boboli, the garden of wonders

  • Boboli Garden

    Boboli Garden

  • Pitti Palace

    Pitti Palace

  • Verzura Amphitheater

    Verzura Amphitheater

  • Fountain of the Ocean

    Fountain of the Ocean

  • Neptune’s Fountain

    Neptune’s Fountain

  • Buontalenti’s Grotto

    Buontalenti’s Grotto

The Boboli garden, is a monumental park and a magnificent example of Italian-style garden.

The Boboli Garden incorporated the vast area overlooking the city’s ramparts and the 12th-century walls, 

The garden was built in the area behind the Pitti Palace, at the foot of the hill rising towards Forte Belvedere. 

Today, visitors can admire what is referred to as the Anfiteatro di Verzura

In the middle of the amphitheater is the big Egyptian obelisk brought from Luxor and the large and ancient granite fountain.

One of the Boboli Gardens’ distinguishing features is the number and variety of fountains and sculptures.

The best-known one is the Fountain of the Ocean by Giambologna, the Fountain of the Monkeys, Neptune’s FountainFountain of Mostacciniand, the Fountain of Ganymede.

The sculptures: Abundance by Tacca, the Pegasusancient Roman statues.

One of Boboli’s main attractions is the Big Grotto, known as the Buontalenti’s Grotto, designed by Bernardo Buontalenti.



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