The Faraglioni

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Just think of Capri, the first thing you will surely think of will  be the Faraglioni: three sea giants of rock  that dominate the sea like a gigantic sentinels in front of the old Roman port, Porto di Tragara

If you want to make a holiday in Capri, not far from Starhotels Terminus, you can read here all the curiosity about the Faraglioni.

The stacks have been given their own name: Stella is the first, still attached to the main island; the second to stand out of the sea is Faraglione di Mezzo, while the third, the furthest away from the shore line, is Faraglione di Fuori or Scopolo.

Scopolo is also the only place where the rare blue-tinted lizard called Podarcis sicula coerulea can be found. It is said that it has changed its color to blend in with the sea and the sky.  

The name 'Faraglione' comes from the Latin “pharos” which means lighthouse-in the past, fire was lit on columns to warn sailors of the dangerous coast, helping them during the night when visibility was not perfect.

But what helped them enter the imagination of Italian people for the first time has been the famous comedy film The emperor of Capri with Antonio De Curtis, and is not a case that a couple of years ago the square that offers the best view on the Faraglioni was named after this great comic actor. 

The best place to take a picture with view of the Faraglioni?The Belvedere of Punta Tragara, The August’s Garden and the Belvedere della Migliara and the Philosophical Park.


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