Romantic Venice

  • Piazza San Marco

    Piazza San Marco

  • Mosaici nella Cattedrale di San Marco

    Mosaici nella Cattedrale di San Marco

  • Museo di Palazzo Fortuny

    Museo di Palazzo Fortuny

  • Ponte dei Sospiri

    Ponte dei Sospiri

  • Tramonto romantico

    Tramonto romantico

It can happen in Venice: a love can find its highest point of expression. There are love-inspiring haunts that end where the water begins, places where a couple can spend an hour together without being disturbed. These are the city’s corners of love, near the Splendid Venice.

Ponte dei Basi, Rio dell’Infedeltà

After visiting Carpaccio’s cycle of paintings at San Giorgio degli Schiavoni, just before reaching the bridge that leads to Santa Maria Formosa, there’s a narrow alleyway that seems like a dead-end, offering no access. In reality, it’s a trick and a mystery, for it’s not closed at all - it will take you instead toward the Fondamenta di San Severo. The Venetians have christened its nearby bridge with the dialectic name ‘Ponte dei basi’; once there, take a moment and stop.

The alleys of eros

The city has its share of itineraries full of refined erotic feel, as suggested by their architectural lines. And in the sun’s merciless rays as they reveal the mosaics of San Marco. Here’s a bit of Eros, captured in rapid succession: the sensual rowing of a gondola, their deep black- stripped of its decorative covering that once hid clandestine lovers. There’s the thrill of Byzantine curves, the virile power of one hundred bell towers.

Artisan workshops 

featuring top quality craftsmanship produce masks and theater costumes, helping us gain access to Carnival’s surreal dimension any time of the year. There are seasons for discovering the secret dimension of Venice.



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