5 tips for visiting Trieste

  • Piazza Unità d'Italia

    Piazza Unità d'Italia

  • Caffè degli Specchi

    Caffè degli Specchi

  • Molo Audace

    Molo Audace

  • Museo Revoltella

    Museo Revoltella

  • Tram di Opicina

    Tram di Opicina

  • Canal Grande

    Canal Grande

A tour of Trieste, a city rich in artistic and natural treasures, may be described as an intense experience of beauty, leaving a permanent impression.

Here are the not-to-miss and off-the-tourist-path sites recommended by Savoia Excelsior Palace to help you plan a visit of the city.

Pedocin Beach: it is located near the Lanterna, the port’s old lighthouse. It is known for being the only place in Italy where there is a separate beach for men and women!

Revoltella Museum (Via Armando Diaz): it houses the  Modern Art Gallery. In summertime, it has a lovely café, open till late, filled with the intellectual atmosphere of Trieste’s days gone by.

The Opicina tram:  with its old-fashioned, blue carriages, it looks more like a tourist attraction than a means of transport. It connects the downtown Piazza Oberdan and the karstic village of Opicina.

Historic cafés: rich in charm, since always the gathering place of local intellectuals. A few names?

Caffè Tommaseo, the oldest one; Caffè degli Specchi in Piazza dell’Unità; Caffè Tergesteo and Caffè San Marco.

Molo Audace: a promenade overlooking the sea, where you can stop and catch a glimpse of the city’s skyline from a different angle, especially at sunset. 


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