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  • Savoy by Eataly

    Savoy by Eataly

  • Al Bagatto

    Al Bagatto

  • Chimera di Bacco

    Chimera di Bacco

  • Salumare


  • Da Angelina

    Da Angelina

  • Tavernetta al Molo

    Tavernetta al Molo

  • Trattoria Fontana

    Trattoria Fontana

Some are less than 100 steps away from our Savoia Excelsior Hotel, others within a 15-20 minute drive. Here are the restaurants in Trieste we personally love and highly recommend.  

Savoy by Eataly: Our Savoia Excelsior’s restaurant, whose friendly chef is always happy to chat and offer some advice on his special dishes. We recommend the chifeletti, fried potato dough crescents served with San Daniele prosciutto, simply unforgettable! (Hotel Savoia Excelsior).

Al Bagatto: Located 100 meters from the Savoia Excelsior Hotel, it is the city’s best-known restaurant offering gourmet fish-based cuisine. (viale Cadorna, 7).

Chimera di Bacco: Situated in the old city center, it offers local cuisine with a creative twist.  (via del Pane, 2).

Salumare: Located downtown, it is the ideal place for pre-dinner drinks and snacks. The eccentric host gets his hands on the best fish every day (via di Cavana, 13/A).

Angelina: Just behind the Savoia Excelsior Hotel there is an osteria where you eat on paper place-mats but drink in wine glasses. (viale Cadorna, 14/a).

Tavernetta al Molo: A short 15-minute drive and you get to the marina of Grignano, a lovely high-cliffed bay with breathtaking view. (Riva Massimiliano e Carlotta, 11 / Grignano).

Trattoria Fontana: In the nearby Slovenia, there is a lovely seaside town, Pirano (as nice or even better than Saint Tropez), which is well-known for sea bass fishing and salt marshes.  (Gallusova ulica, 2 / Pirano, Slovenia)


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