Trieste Museum

  • Museo storico di Miramare

    Museo storico di Miramare

  • Museo della Bora

    Museo della Bora

  • Museo Sartorio

    Museo Sartorio

  • Joyce Museum

    Joyce Museum

  • Museo Sveviano

    Museo Sveviano

  • Museo civico d’Arte Orientale

    Museo civico d’Arte Orientale

  • Museo Revoltella

    Museo Revoltella

  • Museo civico di Storia e Arte

    Museo civico di Storia e Arte

  • Museo Teatrale Carlo Schmidl

    Museo Teatrale Carlo Schmidl

  • Museo del Mare

    Museo del Mare

  • Museo Civico di Storia Naturale

    Museo Civico di Storia Naturale

Trieste is one of Italy’s loveliest cities, at the crossroads of Latin, German and Slavic cultures. Trieste is filled with sights to see, but we will focus attention on its artistic heritage, which is preserved in the city’s major museums.

Historical Miramare Museum

Overlooking the sea and surrounded by a beautiful parkTrieste’s magnificent Miramare villa, built in the 1800s for Maximilian of Austria, features many furnished rooms filled with works of art.

Trieste Bora Museum

It is the new museum revolving around Trieste’s famous windBora. It is a fun and interesting museumshowcasing objects and instruments.

Sartorio Museum.

It is an elegant nineteenth-century villa, converted into house-museum, is within walking distance of the sea, surrounded by a large garden, and preserves a collection of 254 drawings by Giambattista Tiepolo.

Joyce Museum Trieste.

The museum collects works and  original documents by and about James Joyce, with a special emphasis on the period he spent in Trieste.

Svevo Museum of Trieste.

The museum was established through a donation by Letizia Svevo Fonda Savio, the daughter of writer Italo Svevo.

Civic Museum of Oriental Art

It is the first regional museum devoted to this art genre. The museum is located just steps away from Piazza dell’Unità d’Italia, near Trieste’s historical center, and is housed in the historic Palazzetto dei Leo building


Revoltella Museum.

The Revoltella Museum collection features works of art of great value. This six-floor museum houses about 350 works of painting and sculpture.

Civic Museum of History and Art

Trieste’s ancient Egyptian collection comprises: papyrus scrolls, alabaster Canopic jars, funeral steles and monuments, a stone pyramidion and one sculpture.

Carlo Schmidl Theatrical Museum

Created in the late 1920s, the museum houses works of art, awards, theatre costumes and memorabilia of famous musicians and performers in Trieste from the 1700s to the present day.

Maritime Museum

The museum explores the history of Trieste’s navy, the evolution of ships and navigational instruments. 

Civic Museum of Natural History

Established in the 1800s, this museum houses and showcases over one million botanical, zoology, mineralogy, geology and paleontology finds




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