A tour of Genova

  • Genova


  • Palazzo Ducale

    Palazzo Ducale

  • Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

    Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

  • Palazzo Rosso

    Palazzo Rosso

  • Palazzo Doria-Tursi

    Palazzo Doria-Tursi

  • Palazzo Bianco

    Palazzo Bianco

  • Acquario di Genova

    Acquario di Genova

  • Teatro Garage

    Teatro Garage

Genoa’s Starhotels President is an elegant and stylish hotel located in the prestigious Corte Lambruschini office district. The hotel is a ten-minute walk from the city’s main shopping street, Via XX Settembre, which leads to Genoa’s historical center.


A ten-minute subway ride from  Genoa’s Brignole train station takes you to the city’s historical center, where you be able to visit on foot all major cultural attractions. Via Garibaldi is home to three city-owned historic buildings: the seventeenth-century Palazzo Rosso, filled with period furniture and works of art by Van Dick, Veronese, Guercino, Strozzi, Dürer.

Palazzo Bianco, which houses a fine collection of Italian paintings, including Caravaggio’s Ecce Homo, works by Flemish painters Rubens, Van Dick and Memling, Dutch artist Steen, the French Vouet and  Spanish Murillo.

Palazzo Doria-Tursi which, besides housing the Mayor’s guest apartments, showcases a beautiful collection of decorative art and Paganini’s famous violin, the so-called Cannone.

In the nearby piazza Matteotti stands Palazzo Ducale, a magnificent historic building which houses an important modern and contemporary art museum.

Another twelve-minute subway ride and you reach the well-known Aquarium, in the Ponte Spinola area. A visit to Genoa’s Aquarium is a fun and thrilling experience, a fascinating stroll through the world’s seas and oceans.


Within a ten-minute walk of the hotel is Teatro Garage, in via Paggi 43b. This year, the theatre’s season features about thirty-five performances, including plays and shows







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