The top museums

  • Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

    Cattedrale di San Lorenzo

  • Acquario di Genova

    Acquario di Genova

  • Palazzo Rosso

    Palazzo Rosso

  • Palazzo Ducale

    Palazzo Ducale

  • Galata - Museo del Mare

    Galata - Museo del Mare

  • Palazzo Tursi

    Palazzo Tursi

  • Palazzo Bianco

    Palazzo Bianco

Genoa is a city amazingly rich in attractionshistoryart and architectural treasures, a fascinating mix of traditional and modern. For those who plan to explore the city’s artistic beauties, here is our list of the must-see sights and museums. 

Via Garibaldi and Strada Nuova Museums

Listed among the Unesco World Heritage Sites, Via Garibaldi or Strada Nuova, also known as Via Aurea for its lavishly decorated buildings, is home to the three city-owned historic buildings and museumsPalazzo Rosso, Palazzo Bianco and Palazzo Doria Tursi

Palazzo Ducale

It is one of Genoa’s best-known historic buildings, which houses major modern and contemporary art exhibitions

Museum of the Cathedral of San Lorenzo

Genoa’s imposing Cathedral features a beautiful Genoese Gothic-style facade. 

Genoa Aquarium 

It is Genoa’s main tourist attraction. Inaugurated in 1992, in the Old Port area, it is Italy’s largest aquarium and Europe’s second largest after Valencia

Galata Maritime Museum

It is the Mediterranean area’s largest maritime museum, dedicated to the history of navigation


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