The Jubilee Year

  • St. Peter's Square

    St. Peter's Square

  • Basilica of Saint Peter

    Basilica of Saint Peter

For the lucky guests of the Metropole and Michelangelo,, the coming in contact with the organizational  machine of the Jubilee is  made easie by the short distances from the sacred religious place. A place so rich in at and architectural  wonders.

The Jubilee of Mercy is an extraordinary Jubilee whose desire is that it be celebrated in all local churches: the Doors of Mercy will be open in Rome as well as in all individual dioceses.

During the Jubilee, the Eternal City is pervaded by an atmosphere of spiritual devotion, with crowds of pilgrims, tourists, men, women and children flocking to Rome like thousands of Christians before them.

The first Christian Jubilee was convoked by Pope Boniface VIII in February 1300. According to the Florentine Giovanni Villani’s account of the event, 200.000 pilgrims arrived in Rome, most probably including  Giotto and Dante.

The Junilee will continue to take place until the 20th of November 2016.



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