The starred restaurants in Rome

  • Acquolina Hostaria in Roma

    Acquolina Hostaria in Roma

  • Aroma


  • Il Convivio Troiani

    Il Convivio Troiani

  • Enoteca al Parlamento Achilli

    Enoteca al Parlamento Achilli

  • Giuda Ballerino

    Giuda Ballerino

  • Glass Hostaria

    Glass Hostaria

  • Metamorfosi


  • All'Oro


  • Stazione di Posta

    Stazione di Posta

  • Il Pagliaccio

    Il Pagliaccio

Gourmet cuisine and high quality ingredients characterize the starred restaurant of  the capital city of Italy. Here  a list of 2016 Michelin star restaurants in Rome.

Acquolina Hostaria in Roma* (60, Via Antonio Serra). A seafood restaurant offering a modern cuisine.

Antonello Colonna* (9/A, Via Milano). The creative cuisine of Chef Colonna reminds to flavors of the past that are still a classic.

Aroma* (125, Via Labicana). Chef Giuseppe di Iorio always looks for seasonal and local ingredients.

Il Convivio Troiani* (31, Vicolo dei Soldati). The best of Italian cuisine focused above all on the traditional dishes of Latium

Enoteca al Parlamento Achilli* (15, Via dei Prefetti). Italian traditional dishes inspired by Roman  cuisine.

Enoteca la Torre* (22/23 Lungotevere delle Armi). Its extremely elegant atmosphere reflects the refined cuisine by Chef Danilo Ciavattini.

Giuda Ballerino* (23, Piazza Barberini). Modern cuisine and comic-book themed furnishings.

Glass Hostaria* (58, Vicolo de' Cinque). Creative and modern cuisine in the heart of the Trastevere district of Rome.

Imàgo* (6, Trinità dei Monti). Chef Francesco Apreda keeps on conquering both Michelin-starred judges and people.

Metamorfosi* (30, Via Giovanni Antonelli). The restaurant boasts the creativity of Columbian-born Chef Roy Caceres and his international brigade de cuisine.

After exploring the refined universe of starred restaurants in Rome, we announce The Dome by Eataly, the Starhotels Michelangelo's restaurant, where you can enjoy traditional Roman dishes and international cuisine.

All'Oro* (14, Via del Vantaggio). Be ready with all your curiosity and appetite before you try the cuisine of Chef Riccardo di Giacinto.

Pipero al Rex* (149, Via Torino). Seasonal dishes of Italian cuisine matched with wines that can enhance their flavors.

Stazione di Posta* (Largo Dino Frisullo). An open space where you can also find a cocktail  works of art on display.

Oliver Glowig** (15,Via Ulisse Aldrovandi). Only top quality ingredients behind the high-level cuisine of Oliver Glowig.

Il Pagliaccio** (129/A, Via dei Banchi Vecchi). A continuous search for innovative combinations is what makes the ccuisine of Chef Antony Genovese so creative.

La Pergola***(101, Via Alberto Cadlolo). Amazing, explosive yet delicate flavors characterize the cuisine of Chef Heinz Beck.


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