Exploring Rome

  • Colosseo


  • Piazza San Pietro a Città del Vaticano

    Piazza San Pietro a Città del Vaticano

  • Technotown


  • Explora Museo dei Bambini

    Explora Museo dei Bambini

  • Cinecittà Studios

    Cinecittà Studios

  • Bioparco di Villa Borghese

    Bioparco di Villa Borghese

  • Ludoteca Casina di Raffaello

    Ludoteca Casina di Raffaello

  • Villa Pamphili

    Villa Pamphili

The Metropole, near the Termini railway station, is our four-star hotels, both offering a perk-filled Family Program.

Once kids are off to conquer the capital, they’ll get to jump right in to ancient Rome, fuelled by what they’ve learned in school.

The Colosseum, where gladiators duelled. Book your ticket HERE!

The smallest nation in the world, the Vatican, where you can marvel at the optical illusions of the spectacular colonnade in St. Peter’s Square. Discover the Vatican Museums package.

Technotown, the toy library at Villa Torlonia that offers a look at new technologies. It features interactive areas like the virtual television and the LEGO Innovation Studio

Explora, the Children's Museum, a small city where everything has something to teach you. 

Fattoria di Fiorano by Alessia Antinori on the Appia Antica, offering eco-friendly initiatives and educational workshops.

CineBimbiCittà in the Cinecittà Studios, kids can dream of becoming a costumer for a day or cook recipes from films. Book your ticket HERE!

Bioparco at Villa Borghese, a modern zoo that you can visit by bike or rickshaw. 

A few steps away is the Casina di Raffaello, where kids paint and play and have storytime picnics with their parents in the summer.

The gardens at Villa Pamphili are another great spot for a picnic: try ViviBistrot (vivibistrot.it), a country-style restaurant. 

Craving gelato before snack time at Starhotels? The best artisan ice cream shops are Fatamorgana, which features a Snow White flavour with raspberry sauce, cream and apples, and Gori, famous for its chocolate. 


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