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  • Le Regine by Eataly

    Le Regine by Eataly

  • Le Vitel Etonné

    Le Vitel Etonné

  • Porto di Savona

    Porto di Savona

  • Scannabue


  • Pastificio Defilippis

    Pastificio Defilippis

  • Circolo dei Lettori

    Circolo dei Lettori

  • Del Cambio

    Del Cambio

  • Eataly


From spectacular to uncommon venues, from the well-known restaurant to the rough trattoria, from the glocal formula to the nineteenth-century club.

Le Regine Restaurant by Eataly: Piedmontese cuisine dressed to the nines. Traditional recipes alternate with contemporary culinary creations in a kaleidoscope of flavors, aromas and colors which represent the finest of Italian food.

Le Vitel Etonné: Located in the historical center, obsessive attention to basic ingredients (via San Francesco da Paola, 4).

Porta di Savona: Enjoy black truffled risotto, tagliatelle with castelmagno cheese, bagna cauda dip with crudite at one of the city’s oldest restaurants. (piazza Vittorio Veneto, 2).

Scannabue: Located in the hip neighborhood of San Salvario and housed in a former showroom: agnolotti and tajarin, Fassona beef tartare, Brandacujun (Largo Saluzzo, 25/h).

Pastificio Defilippis: A pastry shop established in 1872, a “second home” for downtown Torino residents. (via Lagrange39).

La maison de Chez Rinòo: A tiny trattoria located downtown and run by the brusque and loud Brunilde. (via San Francesco da Paola, 9).

Circolo dei Lettori: A former club for Turinese intellectuals, it is now a restaurant with cavernous rooms, brick walls and crimson carpets. (via Giambattista Bogino, 9).

Del Cambio: One of the world’s oldest restaurants (it was started  in 1757), Camillo Benso Count of Cavour’s favorite.

Eataly:It is the heart of the world’s best-known Italian gastro-universe. It is the Disneyland of top-quality Italian food, scattered with small theme restaurants. (via Nizza, 230).



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