A journey in Saronno

  • Museo Gianetti

    Museo Gianetti

  • Teatro Giuditta Pasta

    Teatro Giuditta Pasta

  • Centro storico

    Centro storico

Here are the must-sees, within walking distance of Grand Milan hotel, to fully enjoy your visit to this lovely city. 


It takes a ten-minute walk from the Grand Milan to reach the Gianetti Museum, located at 9 via Carcano.

The Museum of Labour and Industry is located at  6 via Griffandi (a ten-minute walk from the Grand Milan) and is unique of its kind. The museum preserves and promotes Saronno’s historical industrial heritage. 


Gastronomically speaking, Saronno is worldwide renowned for amaretti, delicious almond biscuits produced by Lazzaroni,  and for its  almond-flavoured liquorDisaronno Originale. In addition to these tempting products, there are several restaurants we recommend if you’re in for a taste of genuine Lombard cuisine.

Among them is Cafè Noir, in corso Italia, a ten-minute walk from the Grand Milan


The Giuditta Pasta Theatre (via I Maggio), just a five-minute walk from the Grand Milan, offers a rich season of plays, shows, operetta, ballet and opera performances


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