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  • Avorio by Eataly

    Avorio by Eataly

  • I sapori di Bologna

    I sapori di Bologna

  • L'arte culinaria del fatto a mano

    L'arte culinaria del fatto a mano

  • Tortellini


A selection of unforgettable regional cuisine eateries in Bologna that you want to keep in your address book

Avorio Restaurant by Eataly: Traditional tortellini pasta in broth are a must, as too are the homemade tagliatelle served with meat ragù and the seasonal menu by Eataly featuring the best regional ingredients.

Osteria Bottega: The tortellini in broth are definitely high up on the list of things to do before you die. (Via S. Caterina, 51).

Osteria del Sole: It dates back to 1465 and is Italy’s second oldest osteria. With an old Flemish-style atmosphere, it serves only wine, champagne and beer, while the food is sold in the stores of the nearby Mercato di Mezzo. (Vicolo Ranocchi, 1/d).

Vicolo Colombina: Located behind Piazza Maggiore. The lasagnette with guinea-hen and vegetable sauce dish by young chef Leonora Rinaldi  is a true connoisseur’s dish. (Vicolo Colombina 5/B).

Da Bertino e Figli: Démodé interiors,  but the boiled meat trolley is really something (Via delle Lame, 55).

Cantina Bentivoglio: It runs the whole gamut of traditional Bolognese cuisine.  And nearly every night, the best of live jazz music in Bologna (Via Mascarella, 4/b).

Al Cambio: A quick 15-minute drive from downtown Bologna. The dishes by chef Massimiliano Poggi, besides being beautiful, are prepared to perfection. (Via Stalingrado, 150).

Trattoria di Via Serra: A selection of mountain-style dishes, as proved by the tortelloni filled with White Cow of Modena ricotta cheese. (Via Luigi Serra 9/b).

Podere San Giuliano: A 15-minute drive from downtown Bologna,  it offers haute cuisine dishes made with produce grown on the farm. (Via Galletta, 3 San Lazzaro di Savena).


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