The Parma ABC

  • Parco del Palazzo Ducale

    Parco del Palazzo Ducale

  • Il Castello dei Burattini

    Il Castello dei Burattini

  • Casa del Suono

    Casa del Suono

  • Teatro Farnese

    Teatro Farnese

With Starhotels’ new Family Program, travelling with children has never been this easy, enjoyable, fun, safe, and good for you! Her the top places to take the kids in Parma!

The Castle of Puppets

The Castello dei Burattini is the most important collection of puppet theatre artefacts in Italy. With over 500 puppets and marionettes, the exhibition is an interesting and playful experience for both children and adults.

Information and Reservation

Via Melloni, 3/a – Parma

Tel: 0521 031631


House of Sound

The Casa del Suono provides total immersion in music and the devices used to listen to it, from the phonograph to the latest generation systems of today.

Information and Reservation

Piazzale Salvo D’Acquisto – Parma

Tel: 0521 031170

 Palazzo Ducale and its Park

Adjacent to the hotel, the beautiful Parco Ducale is ideal for a walk and for admiring the impressive façade of the home of the Duchess Maria Luigia. There is also a small lake with an island decorated by sculptures.

Information and Reservation

Parco Ducale, 3 - Parma

Tel: 0521 282868

Farnese Theatre

Located in Palazzo della Pillotta, at the entrance to the Galleria Nazionale, this beautiful theatre, made entirely of wood, was almost completely rebuilt after the devastation of the 2nd world war.

Information and Reservation

Piazzale della Pilotta, 15 – Parma

Tel: 0521 1234567

The home of Arturo Toscanini, the greatest conductor of all time

This home & museum is rich in objects, relics and documentation. There are also exhibits connected with Wagner and Verdi.

Information and Reservation

Borgo Rodolfo Tanzi, 13 - Parma

Tel: 0521 285499



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