Culinary excellence with Starhotels

  • Roses by Eataly

    Roses by Eataly

  • Sfizio by Eataly

    Sfizio by Eataly

  • Grand Lounge & Bar by Eataly

    Grand Lounge & Bar by Eataly

  • Black by Eataly

    Black by Eataly

  • Bruschetteria & Grill by Eataly

    Bruschetteria & Grill by Eataly

  • Orto by Eataly

    Orto by Eataly

  • Borromeo by Eataly

    Borromeo by Eataly

Culinary excellence too with Starhotels: the agreement signed with Eataly marks the start of a new season for the group led by Elisabetta Fabri, increasingly focused on Made in Italy, the pursuit of the finest food and wine and promotion of the land.

Starhotels begins its fine food journey in Milan, showcasing the best ingredients, short supply chain, simple cooking and exceptional combinations.


Rosa Grand

Roses by Eataly,  sophisticated and discreet, the Roses restaurants is an exciting taste experience through elegant courses. The Italian wine list is comprehensive, with a few French gems.

Sfizio by Eataly, naturally lit and overlooking Piazza Fontana, Sfizio is a dynamic restaurant that offers far more than a traditional lunch. Organic wines and the finest Italian labels.

Grand Lounge & Bar,one of the most stylist bars in Milan, serves a selection of international dishes. For a sophisticated drink, try the classic cocktails or contemporary interpretations prepared by our barman.


Orto Green Food & Mood by Eataly serves Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the season and an array of vegetables grown in the kitchen garden. The same green philosophy applies to the cocktails and food menu of Bar Orto by Eataly.


Grill Bruschetteria by Eataly, where meat is at the heart of the menu, reared in full respect of animal and human health.


Black by Eataly, a fusion of flavors between Southern Italy and local Lombard traditions.

Business Palace 

Borromeo by Eataly, where the focus is on impeccable service and attention to details.



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