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Who is Leonardo da Vinci?

Painter, sculptor, inventor, military engineer, set designer, anatomist, thinker, a student of science, Leonardo is the archetype of the Renaissance man. The following is a list of the most important dates in his life, characterized by a constant desire to exceed every limit put before him.

1452 Leonardo da Vinci was born on April 15 in Anchiano, a hamlet of Vinci, a small town near Florence. He was the illegitimate son of the notary Ser Piero and Caterina, a peasant woman.
-1466 He moved to Florence with his father.
-1469 He began an apprenticeship in the workshop of the illustrious painter Verrocchio.
-1471 Leonardo collaborated on the angel on the left-hand side of The Baptism of Christ by Verrocchio.
-1472 He enrolled in the Compagnia di San Luca, where he began working independently as an artist.
-1481 He worked on the altarpiece Adoration of the Magi in the Church of San Donato a Scopeto; the work remains unfinished.
-1482 Leonardo was hired by Duke Ludovico Sforza to work for the court in Milan. Here, the genius dedicated his studies to engineering, architecture, painting and drawing.
- 1489 He worked on his monumental equestrian statue. Only a terracotta model was completed, which was later destroyed by the French when they invaded Milan in 1499.
-1490 He painted the portrait of Cecilia Gallerani, Ludovico Sforza’s mistress, known as Lady with an Ermine.
-1490-1497 Leonardo painted The Last Supper, using a particular frescoing technique. The work began to deteriorate after only a few years.
-1503 While in Florence, the artist began painting the Mona Lisa. The Signoria commissioned him to paint the fresco The Battle of Anghiari, no traces of which remain today. He continued to study anatomy and flight.
- 1513 He moved to the Vatican in Rome to work for Giuliano dei Medici.
- 1516 He was invited to France by King Francis I, residing in the Château du Clos Lucé in Amboise.
- 1519 Leonardo died in Amboise on May 2.


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