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The Finalists

Joining Fabscarte in the prestigious group of finalists are nine leading Italian ateliers, with a series of absolutely outstanding projects demonstrating master craftsmanship and ultra-contemporary design:

Selvatica by Fabscarte

Wall light with LED backlighting, created as a window onto the outside world to create a connection with nature even in places where nature is not present. 

JOY by Draga&Aurel

ultra-modern wall lights in retro styles, made of resin, glass and plexiglass, inspired by the 70s, where every layer of hand-fused resin has a different level of saturation; the complementary tones are layered to create a soft, shaded glow.

Nirvana by Bianco Bianchi

A luxurious table created in marble and scagliola, where the “mandala” motif is created in marquetry using 167 slabs of natural selenite with a thin layer of pigmented scagliola. 

Mistero by Antonino Negri

A mystical stoneware light created using the technique of slab and coil, cold-coloured with lime and ochre, then finished with beeswax: a vase of light that has a front, and a proscenium that separates outside from inside, dark from light.

Horah by Nuova Vetreria Resanese

A highly sophisticated series of five lights in glass and metal created from a drawing by the famous London design duo Raw Edges, composed of leaves of curved, hand-fused glass that turn gently around a central column of light

Dduma by Barbara Abaterusso

A poetic table lamp from the “Merletti” collection in bronze and blackened brass, a sculpture that reproduces a highly sophisticated antique Italian lace design in a floral motif. 

Fredoom by Davide Medri

A contemporary modular light created with a layer of mirrored mosaic, a chain connecting to life and liberty

Ferai Codega by Salviati

A sophisticated collection of three blown glass lamps from a design by Alberto Lago. The lamps are created by fusing two pieces of blown glass which combine to form a single piece

La Luce di Venere by Alessandro Rametta

A charming mirror in different metals, a true demonstration of technical mastery. The embossed, chiselled copper surface evokes the sea around Cyprus, the waters that gave birth to Venus. 

Filide by Laura Carraro

A spectacular mosaic centrepiece inspired by the image of a leaf lying on the ground in a meadow, reflecting the sun.