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Starhotels Collezione
Starhotels Collezione
The best of craftsmanship and design in the heart of Milan
Italian craftmanship and design in Milan, Italy | Starhotels - photo 1
Italian craftmanship and design in Milan, Italy | Starhotels - photo 2
Italian craftmanship and design in Milan, Italy | Starhotels - photo 3
Milan, November 2018

The charmingly contemporary rooms at Rosa Grand Milano – Starhotels Collezione, a veritable icon in the heart of the capital of fashion and design, were the seductive setting for Italian high craftsmanship, hosting a refined selection of pieces by renowned Milanese artisans.

The initiative, held in partnership with the Cologni Foundation, OMA and Gruppo Editoriale, is part of the project “La Grande Bellezza by Starhotels Collezione”, an itinerant exposition comprised of unique and exclusive events during which the best of hospitality meets exceptional creativity and Italian high craftsmanship.

Transformed into an enchanting gallery of masterpieces, the hotel offered space to the creativity of seven excellent Milanese artisans, entirely Italian in their know-how: Bottega Ghianda, the historic cabinet maker’s workshop; Caterina Crepax, a paper artist known for her spectacular clothing pieces made of paper and light; Fornasetti, a cult name in design and high craftsmanship that opens its doors to a world of symbols and imagination; La Fucina di Efesto, extraordinary metal artworks, a mix between sculpture, contemporary art and high craftsmanship; Lorenzi Milano, a name that’s synonymous with excellence, a contemporary workshop where everyday objects are finely crafted; Romeo Miracoli, historic Milanese silverware made in an artistic smithy unaltered over the years; and Daniele Papuli, artist-artisan whose audacious sculptures made of paper and plastic enchant and stun.

*Library preparation at Rosa Grand Milano - Starhotels Collezione with a selection of works by Atelier Fornasetti © Starhotels

Showcases in the lobby of del Rosa Grand Milano - Starhotels Collezione set up with objects and tools by Lorenzi Milano © Starhotels

Rosa Grand Milano - Starhotels Collezione hall with the display of wooden works by Bottega Ghianda in the cases and the large Kosmosandalon metal sculpture by "La Fucina di Efesto" © Starhotels


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