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The Award La Grande Bellezza | Starhotels - photo 1
The Award

As part of the project “La Grande Bellezza,” Starhotels confers a bi-annual award whose primary aim is to valorize the repertoire of Italian crafts and artisan masters.

For every edition, a theme is created ad hoc to call together candidates.
The candidates must present an original artisan product that they have made and which relates to the theme.
The themes are always linked with the concept of hospitality, and they can refer to spaces (bar, lounge, bedroom…) or specific categories (lighting, interior decoration…).

The award is meant to recognize the talent, skill, design ability and know-how of artisans working in Italy, as well as their initiative.
The award money is intended to support the winner’s craft, demonstrating how, with hard work and talent, doing business in the world of craftsmanship in Italy is still possible.
A special jury of experts presided over by Starhotels evaluates and selects the candidates, identifying the 10 finalists based on the material they provide and declaring the winner. Products are particularly favored if they valorize the important theme of Italian beauty and highlight the fitting combination between manual skill and creativity, showcasing a contemporary interpretation of obsolete, complex and traditional techniques.
The parameters used by the jury are as follows:

-  conceptual and aesthetic content;

-  innovation and originality;

-  market potential.

The works must be freely created, contemporary, original and innovative.


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Credits to: Fabscarte e Francesco Simeti