The perfectly packed suitcase for young travellers

A perfectly packed suitcase for young travelers should follow these three simple rules:

  • The Rule of “3”:  three changes for each type of clothing!  Every two days clothes are washed, but not ironed.
  • The “Onion” Rule:  layer your clothing so you will be comfortable no matter what the weather.  A light and waterproof yet breathable jacket is a great start to the perfect “onion”. 
  • The “Safe and Sound’’ Rule:  Better to feel safe and sound by bringing along a security blanket or toy from home. And don’t forget the first aid kit!

Don’t pack your suitcase too full; otherwise you won’t have space for souvenirs and other purchases.  A child-sized wheelie bag or personalized backpack is a great option just as soon as your little traveler is big enough. 

Forgot something?  No worries!  You’re at Starhotels; we’ll take care of it.  For example, playing in the bubble-bath and realize you forgot the bath things?  We’ll bring bath gel, cream, powder, and pair of colorful slippers!  Just like that, no problem! 


And now you’re all ready!



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