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Venice Carnival 2017

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02/18/2017 -> 02/28/2017



Splendid Venice - Starhotels Collezione hosts the most refined masquerade party events of the Carnival in Venice.
From Saturday, February 18th to Tuesday, February 28th 2017 , you can enjoy the following happenings:
- Dancing Chocolate
- Ballo Tiepolo
- The last waltz in Venice

Offer Includes

Dancing Chocolate, 100 € per person.
The sweet event of the Venice Carnival in Costume is held in the Campiello (small square covered by a glass rooftop) of Starhotels Splendid Venice. The guests will enjoy hot chocolate and Venetian biscuits in a festive atmosphere. A classical trio will accompany the Dance Master and his partner during their dance lesson. The participants will learn the basic steps of period dances and they will be able to replicate them easily.

Ballo Tiepolo
Thursday 23 February 2017 (from 8pm)
The Ballo Tiepolo, a not to be missed international social gathering of the carnival of Venice since 1998, this year celebrates its 20th edition. The Ball holds all the sophistication, splendour and magic of the carnival balls of the Eighteenth Century, and there isn't a better location to hald the Ball than Pisani Moretta palace, located on the Grand Canal and lit up by hundreds of candles.
Prices: €700 Main Hall (Salone Centrale) - €570 Side Halls - €100 Entrance only after midnight.
Optional - Meeting Point at Starhotels Splendid Venice
For those who want to meet in advance with the other party-goers, sip a couple of cocktails and reach the Pisani Moretta palace on a luxurious water taxi through the magnificent entrance on the Grand Canal, the meeting point is at the Hotel Spendid Venice starting at 7 p.m.

Last waltz in Venice, 250 € per person.
Dinner in costume with dances from the 1700s-1800s inside the beautiful atmosphere of Starhotels Splendid Venice, near St. Mark’s Square.
The music of those centuries and the dances will bring the guests back to that era. A four-course seated dinner and wine are included in the price. The classical musicians will entertain the guests throughout the entire evening and the Dance Master with his partner will teach the basic steps of the period dances. A night full of fun and dancing!

For same-day reservations, please call
+39 041 5242668


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