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the philosophy

Our passion: hospitality
Our home: the world
Our style: pure Italian
Our goal: your comfort



Italian spirit
Italy is world famous for its iconic destinations; natural, architectural and artistic beauty; distinctive style and the warmth of Italian family life. Our family-run group of luxury hotels capture and embody Italian style, passion and warmth, even in New York and Paris. Each conveys the spirit of the destination city and concept choice, all together forming pieces of a precious collection, and personally guided by generations of the Fabri family.

The warm and hospitable welcome you receive at all of our hotels is an expression of our respect for guests and for one another. We strive to anticipate all our guests' different needs, whether they are staying with us for business, pleasure or both, and value and listen to different points of view. We treat everyone with fairness and dignity.

We believe we best fulfill our mission and vision when we work together. Our attitude is one of mutual support, while also valuing each individual's contributions. Tight managerial control across the group maintains brand standards and consistency, while also encouraging individual enterprise.

Members of the team throughout our network are empowered to meet and exceed expectations, thanks to rigorous training and designated individual authority.

We strive to achieve the highest standards of excellence in every aspect of our business. This is particularly evident in our five luxury Collezione hotels - our exceptional city centre hotels in New York, Paris, Milan, Venice and Trieste. Each has a unique and exceptional style concept while also staying true to the spirit of all Starhotels.