Fai - Fondo italiano per l'ambiente


"Since its start up in 1980, this hotel group has stood for Italian values and style and seen its main mission as that of cultivating and exporting our country's identity and culture. All its hotels show the taste, tradition and beauty that the world perceives to be Italian. For years now, the company has also been actively engaged in defending Italy's artistic and cultural heritage and has supported major restoration projects alongside public institutions in a number of Italian cities. This sense of corporate responsibility permeates the company's business and creative activities. It was a natural choice for Starhotels to support FAI initiatives and join the Corporate Golden Donor program, given it shares the same values as the FAI. This commitment to social responsibility, in fact, will enable Starhotels to work alongside the FAI to safeguard the country's heritage of nature, art, history and traditions.

We believe that the country's art, nature and landscape are irreplaceable and irreproducible resources, ones that are fundamental to its civil, moral and economic growth. Our cultural heritage is our real wealth, our most valuable asset." Elisabetta Fabri.

The FAI - Fondo Ambiente Italiano - is a national foundation, a no-profit body formed in 1975 to defend and develop Italy's historical, artistic and natural heritage. Much more than a foundation that restores buildings, monuments and nature reserves and opens them to the public, the FAI is a citizen movement intent on combating indifference to the deterioration of the Italian environment and the risk of wasting our country's extraordinary artistic heritage.

The FAI's work is inspired by five basic principles: knowledge, concreteness, coherence, independence and quality. Principles that Starhotels subscribes to and shares.